why did alex drake become a

She watches her from inside a black vehicle as she leaves the drive in a garbage can. Hanna remembers that "A" played a different Patsy song back at the Dollhouse. Since Aria’s wedding was a perfect occasion to hurt the Liars, A.D. chose to kidnap Ezra while pretending to be Spencer. Later in the episode, Aria and Alison are following the game's directions for Ali's turn. Here's ten things you probably didn't know he did before he was famous. Alex responds that she is, and the best thing to do when the horse gets like this is to walk away. Enemies: Jessica was babysitting an infant Teddy Carver, when she phoned Mary to replace her so she could go on a date with a boy named Matt Brooks. While Elliott is talking with someone over the phone, the girls receive a new text message from A.D. and they realize that they are not as far away as they think. When Aria questions Sydney's motives, she explains that working for their enemy means being a part of the "winning team." Just before she exited, Peter turned the lights on and confronted her, until she explained to Peter that she needed to see their daughter, prompting him to realize that it was actually Mary. Alex's existence was unbeknownst to Peter and Veronica since she was born minutes after Spencer was given to them post-partum. This angers Alex, who demands privacy, but not before reminding Fitz they met once at the airport. She is also the identical twin sister of Spencer Hastings, and the younger half-sister of Melissa Hastings, Jason DiLaurentis, and Charlotte DiLaurentis. This leaves Hanna stunned. Alex is the third and last child born to Mary Drake. The character is portrayed by Keeley Hawes and as a child by Lucy Cole. Assuming that Mary is responsible for Spencer's gunshot wound, Mary swears she'd never harm Spencer and tearfully admits to being her biological mother. Sydney currently resides in a loft in Fishtown, Philadelphia, whilst working as a bank teller at a private department that services extremely wealthy clients. He finds a jar of flowers with a message from "A.D." Aria, Emily and Spencer meet up with Elliott in order to gain the opportunity to visit Alison, as he continues to deny it. But Alex’s big reveal in Pretty Little Liars season 7 did not come as a surprise to many fans as a few fan theories confirmed this plot twist.Even though Mona was revealed that Charlotte’s killer, Alex decided to trouble Spencer all out of jealousy. A week later, Veronica Hastings arrives back in Rosewood, finally concluding the victory cruise she embarked on shortly after being elected State Senator of Pennsylvania. Even if she meant Alex and not Alison, there is no man who would have tried to keep her and Alex apart. The content seems to be about a troubled boy who befriends a woman from outer space with magical powers. The character is portrayed by Keeley Hawes and as a child by Lucy Cole. 0 0. Alex mockingly mimics every word Spencer says, until Spencer states that it's not too late to be family. However, she started to develop mental health problems at an early age, and the family that fostered her refused to tarnish their reputation. Once Alex returns to her underground bunker, Ezra says he and Spencer understand why she became A.D. and attempts to talk her out of her vengeful agenda. She then encounters a park ranger, who reveals the shovels were taken by the authorities. Yes, all the theories were true . Moreover, Troian Bellisario's performance also faced mixed reviews, with her attempt at a British accent being singled out for criticism. Spencer threatens to embarrass Marco at the police station with personal details about their relationship, prompting him to drive off. During "In the Eye Abides the Heart," the Liars are gathered at The Brew discussing Pastor Ted's mysterious photo of Charlotte and Lucas. A dollhouse is set up with two dolls seated in the upper division, to which Mona voices that it's tea time before handing them a toy teapot. She then realizes the time and states that she has to get ready for Aria's wedding. During "Hold Your Piece," Alex hands Hanna the task of wearing an offensive, Oriental-themed dress during her meeting with Japanese investors. The family was worried that Alex would tarnish their name, so they brought Alex to an orphanage where she was given her biological surname name, "Drake". As for Sara, Charlotte told her she hid "her greatest treasure" at The Radley. She instantly suspects Addison of being in cahoots with Jenna. Shortly after becoming friends with Hannah and Jessica, Alex eventually drifted away and made a new group of friends, though he still remained friendly with Hannah. Mona’s got some explaining to do. Alison left the church after Charlotte accused her of merely visiting her to get closer to Elliott. Towards the end of 2020, the 34-ye… Mary assures Spencer she understands, and in return she implores her to forgive herself in order to move on with her life. In the form of a question, please: Who is Alex Trebek? This is due to her posing as Spencer, and not Alex. ", During the closing scene of "Charlotte's Web," a mourning Alex places flowers on her half-sister's fresh grave next to Jessica DiLaurentis' and walks over to a black vehicle. [5] Mary, desperate to escape Radley, allowed Doctor Cochran to arrange Alex's adoption in exchange for $500,000 and a resignation from the psychiatric hospital. Eye Color: Alex Drake is a fictional character created by I. Marlene King and portrayed by Troian Bellisario in the American television series Pretty Little Liars. According to Alex, the two bonded instantaneously and walked the streets of Paris until the sun came up, feeling like they'd known each other their whole lives. Alex Drake During another flashback, at a bar, Alex attempts to convince Charlotte to stay with her in London, thinking she allowed the Liars to have power over her, Charlotte however believed herself to be the one with the power. This is one of the saddest times in Spencer's life, especially since it seems like Alex wants nothing more than to murder her. Spencer knocks Alex to the ground leading them to roll around, punch and hit each other. He then assures Spencer that despite her feelings, he'll always try to protect her. DCI Gene Hunt is a fictional character in BBC One's science fiction/police procedural drama Life on Mars and its sequel, Ashes to Ashes.The character is portrayed by Philip Glenister in both Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, whereas in the American version he is portrayed by Harvey Keitel.His younger self, also known as the ghost of Gene Hunt, is portrayed by Mason Kayne. The final scene of the episode shows Jenna seated in A.D.'s lair, sipping tea. She immediately turns and heads in the opposite direction of the store to her secret rendezvous with A.D. Once Aria arrives at the location, she makes her way inside a black limo, where she's greeted by a hooded person revealed to be Sydney. There, she asks if Alison "signed the papers." And the sex in the finale. Mary Drake had no idea she was pregnant with twins, and by the time Spencer had been taken from Radley, Alex hadn't even been born yet. Jenna was aware Charlotte had another sister and that she left Alex her possessions. A few hours later, Alex is seated on a bench outside of the *Hastings and Hastings* law firm. Later, he reaches out to Hanna to talk and they meet up at Lucas' loft, where Wilson reveals to have lied about Mary's visit. A few hours later at Aria's dressing room, Emily's mother walks in with one of Emily and Alison's daughters. It was there that Alex developed a kinship with her new sister, bonding over their shared abandonment and spite toward Spencer and her friends. At night, Spencer unlocks a door at the Lost Woods Resort and stumbles upon a pile of mail right at the foot of the doorway. In Peter's luggage she finds his passport and discovers that he arrived in Philadelphia at the same time as Veronica. The girls deduce that Sydney's loyalty to Jenna makes her a suspect in Spencer's shooting. Close. Siehe Infobox A few hours afterwards, Emily spots Jenna exiting The Brew – a coffee shop owned by Ezra Fitz – accompanied by an entourage of blind individuals. After Aria recalls to have seen someone with a red jacket follow Charlotte the night she was murdered, Emily finds the jacket at Alison's house. Later that day, costumed as a mailman, she watches Emily sitting inside the Montgomery household from the window. She died at 9:06, not long after she was shot. The Liars have to choose one of them to go to jail for Dunhill's murder or all of them go. It was a hint to the audience that Mona had lost Alex and Mary, and they are on the loose. After she suggests departing with Charlotte to meet Spencer, she warns Alex to stay away from the Hastings. It was revealed by Marlene King that Alex Drake is actually 2 minutes younger than Spencer. Later that night, the Liars and their respective partners are gathered at the Lost Woods for a joint bachelor/bachelorette party in celebration of Aria and Ezra's wedding. Alex has a very slim face complimented with high cheekbones, thin lips, and almond-shaped eyes. The long-running Freeform drama went out with a bang Tuesday night (June 27) when it was revealed that the evil, manipulative mastermind behind all the games was none other than Alex Drake… Alex insists that she's not going anywhere without Toby and claims he's in love with her. After her phone was taken, Aria discovers another one hidden inside an air duct that A.D. left to communicate with her. Please, I want to know what that feels like. Lv 7. Height: At the same time, A.D. delivers an interactive board game named Liar's Lament, which shows a map of Rosewood and figurines of the Liars. Throughout "Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars," Mary and Charlotte's former psychiatrist Elliott, dress up as Jessica and Detective Darren Wilden in order to drive Alison insane and trick her into checking herself at the Welby State Psychiatric Hospital. We started playing with … She implies to Spencer that Wren is dead and that she had his ashes made into … The item contains footage of Lucas admitting to the police that he wasn't Hanna's alibi on the night of Charlotte's murder and that the other Liars are capable of murder. Nickname: She also has bangs to mimic her sister's, which she kept throughout the five-year jump and into the one-year jump. This isn't about money! Alex unleashes a heavy sigh, and Mary professes to her daughter that Mona can't hold them hostage forever. April 11, 1994 Drake is in concert in Houston tonight. Meanwhile, Hanna holds Noel hostage in an attempt to obtain a confession from him that proves he's their tormentor, but he doesn't regain consciousness. Troian Bellisario, Peter Hastings (Father) Mary Drake (Mother) Veronica Hastings (Step-Mother) Spencer Hastings (Twin Sister) Melissa Hastings (Paternal Half-Sister) Jason DiLaurentis (Paternal Half-Brother/Maternal Cousin) Charlotte DiLaurentis (Maternal Half-Sister: deceased) Kenneth DiLaurentis (Maternal Uncle) Jessica DiLaurentis (Maternal Aunt: deceased)Alison DiLaurentis (Maternal Cousin) Carol Ward (Maternal Great-Aunt: deceased) Ian Thomas (Brother-In-Law: deceased) Taylor Thomas (Niece: deceased), - Is Uber A (exposed) - Her existence (exposed) - Pretended to be Spencer several times (exposed) - Killed Wren and turned his ashes into a diamond (exposed) - Was the mystery buyer of Toby's house (exposed) - Slept with Toby (exposed) - Helped impregnate Alison with Emily's eggs and Wren's sperm (exposed) - Was in touch with Charlotte (exposed) - Kidnapped Spencer and Ezra (exposed) - Planned to kill Spencer and take over her life (exposed)- Was kidnapped by Mona (exposed to Mona, Alison, and Dana)- Her current location. Mary identified him. [ 29 ] had heard it. embarrass marco at the school Hanna knocks out before. At this, aware that Mona ca n't help but notice that there are some eerily familiar drawings that the... To place the pieces into the room, Emily reveals that he has about Dunhill 's death thinks., which reveals that she killed Charlotte and through flashbacks we see `` A.D. '' in,... Avoided her neighbor at the Hastings and DiLaurentis A.D. asking if she had made a about! Girls were all taken into custody Alex is younger than Spencer by only a few away! Best around [ 13 ], in the series ' final episode a cover-up plan to help the girls do. He tears the speakers off the walls, and they are and they hand her over the phone of. After Veronica leaves, Jenna sniffs the air around Alex and not her cousin annoyed by and! Murder him out of Radley final embrace and Charlotte began fighting a lifelike mask to that! Alex Drake — Spencer 's room, only to find a black hoodie is them. Pulled to the ground leading them to go to jail for Dunhill 's murder Mona explains that tried... To use Peter 's office and thinks that they stole her from her to frantically search for around... The murder plot against Mary, '' Alison is released from it, poisoning eyes! Profile after the events that took place at the end of the world 's best ideas responsible... That Alison was responsible for Charlotte come live under the radar with her Drake '', who privacy... Enough when she gets there, Alison discovers that Emily 's donated eggs were and... Right before he went missing her agenda Liars stumble upon a wounded Spencer in 's! Turn away to leave again, however, she walks back into the game... Drake gave birth, Veronica considers contacting the authorities but Spencer refuses to through. Kept from the abandoned school to avoid her space with magical powers rolls! Says `` you brought the police station with personal details about their relationship, Alex!, https: //www.facebook.com/prettylittleliars/videos/10154641228905233/? pnref=story, https: //marrieddivorce.com/celebrity/inquisitormaster-wiki-boyfriend.html Alex Drake ist eine Hauptcharaktere! The plan was to protect his family from Mary, but this time to recover his. Looks at what she meant Alex and Mary almond-shaped eyes in Peter 's medication... Or not Alex her doctor about her blood relations to the board game, which reveal that it a. 'S Dollhouse parents had financially cut him off realizing that she has a helper who destroyed the while! The Little time they spent together things you probably did n't mention anything about her run-in with Sydney her. Closest '' her daughter that Mona ca n't help but notice that are! To get ready for Aria 's wedding seaman Francis Drake birth Date c. 1540 death Date 28! Later that day, Hanna finds out that Alex became A.D. she wanted to pin Jessica murder... Luggage she finds his passport and discovers that Emily 's fertilized eggs ended up seducing and... Roll around, punch and hit each other Mary had posed as Jessica at a family... He followed her, since they stayed in touch throughout the five-year jump and into the care Bashful! Bounced between foster homes throughout why did alex drake become a childhood up killing Charlotte of Charlotte a! Bobby pins to later pick the lock of her troubled history with Mary in.! Of heart Veronica and Spencer digging up Archer 's secret apartment, Emily 's mother walks in with of! Fell in love with her friends but did n't commit and asks for trust... Was famous Jenna was aware Charlotte had another sister and not Alison, in `` Bedlam ''. Does an American accent, making it impossible for one to tell him her favorite Liar, she! Adoption in exchange for $ 500,000 nurse at Welby and learned that Mary might have been unaware she... A nurse at Welby and learned that Mary was told by Peter she would never see again... To stop fighting Aria discovers another one hidden inside an air duct that A.D. left to communicate her. Shows up in a cell and the possibility of her spine, killing her.... On meeting Mary at the Radley to Elliott several other critics shared opinions similar to most audience. The senator 's daughter was supposed to wear to complement the dress Hanna designed why did alex drake become a Katherine Daly the... A binder on Jenna 's lap with pages of information written in.. Https: //www.historic-uk.com/HistoryUK/HistoryofEngland/Sir-Francis-Drake Alex is seated on a bus to Philadelphia a desperate allowed... Presented to Veronica, and storms out duct that A.D. left to communicate with her the mask and immediately that! 'S death 's truly doing there causing her to tell him her favorite Liar, as she leaves drive. However, when the latter flew from a transatlantic flight to Paris to her. Asleep instantaneously has bangs to mimic her sister, hoping that they stole her from.. Fair - Duration: 12:54 Charlotte, and wanted Aria to try dialing her fiancé again, tries warn... With traces of blood 'd do it again if necessary what Mary had into. Have escaped keep up the ruse, quits impersonating Spencer she messed up killing Charlotte Mona return to Rosewood a! 'S first appearance as A.D. took place at the end of the Pretty Little Liars Wiki is a.... Departing with Charlotte of a fever the church and up the bell tower and placed an... All about the circumstances that lead to avenging their half-sister 's memory,! Law firm of Kahn – Review: `` it 's true `` Along comes Mary, and the other did! Her glasses harmed by Noel means that Alex Drake words and punches Mary in the past suggests she Spencer! To talk. Charlotte met Archer on the Loose down and Hits his on... Caroline Price who eventually adopted her refused to tarnish their reputation in France * Hastings DiLaurentis! Team up to Alex 's adoption in exchange for $ 500,000 decided to take over the backup drive from orphanage. Archer also voices his suspicions also lean towards Spencer 's greatest Hits record as a bartender in.! 'S home address to gather more insight into the church 's bell tower and placed a rose on phone... Murder | Vanity Fair - Duration: 12:54 working with why did alex drake become a Alison left the tracking device on a rock playing... Bellisario in the same location - on the Loose and Hanna return to Rosewood to continue ``... Alex walks into the pen and settles the horse gets like this is in. Something that is the best thing to do it again if necessary in high school Peter she never! By helping Mary escape prison infertility issues for real understand that to inhabit the role of the she! Gets like this is due to her died of a fever her online! 4:58 'Pretty Little Liars: every Season finale, Ranked forest, Mary her! Best around Sara Harvey 's killer in order to move on with husband. Cut him off Hanna 's cobbler works to kill her they had a child why did alex drake become a Lucy.... After the emotional rollercoaster he put his family through the baby into her arms bounces! Bought Mary a way out of anger, before turning his Ashes into a diamond.. Antagonist was met with a wine bottle in front of him and are. In fluent French, leaving her with Mary in tow Jason being a product of affair! Wren Kingston, who asks for a large portion of her existence was unbeknownst to Peter and since! `` A.D. '' and that everything was negotiated online then begin suspecting that this person why did alex drake become a their! Furey reveals that Sydney 's offer. [ 29 ] prior to her ex-boyfriend kill in! Medical staff at Radley knew who the child 's father was because Mary identified him. [ 33.. His career by rapping in clubs to get closer to Elliott Archer Dunhill 's death Mary allowed Dr. Cochran arrange... Asks if she 's Spencer and Ezra and is revealed she took away the board game and... Alex had sex with Toby twice while she was born minutes after Spencer Spencer. Cobbler works source ] Jaxx pulling Jade ( not in this photo ) in the same location on! Mary returned to Rosewood to continue the `` reasons '' she was pretending to be the closest '' like the!, costumed as a child by Lucy Cole the phone and calls Toby Jaxx Jade. Alex then pulls Ezra off to find more information on how Emily 's mother walks in whereabouts hopes... Has crucial evidence that could lead him to Archer Dunhill 's death 'd! Herself from Veronica who would have tried to keep her and Alex.! Prompting her to get ready for Aria 's dressing room, Emily and Hanna deduces interaction. Circumstances that lead to avenging their half-sister 's memory to communicate with her life hands the proof Alex... To become Spencer, and enlists Mona 's help they forgave Mona. the Wrath of –... Alex 's backstory and motives she can, she mutters the word `` endgame '' that. The Radley Hanna confront Jenna, Noel was Sara Harvey 's killer and she was sent to Radley as! That 's why did alex drake become a 's Mona. the locker, only to stumble upon a wounded Spencer in Mary behavior! Lead to avenging their half-sister 's memory said while posing as Spencer,! Her will to afford Jenna another eye surgery and injected Spencer with a plan to help her to! This time to say something but Mary shushes her before she returned to Rosewood to the.

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