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Bertie then makes suggestions aimed at improving the quality of that given piece, which also increase the article’s performance after it has been published. Whitely suggests that, “data scientists have a challenge first understanding the business problems in the industry, and then often it is a challenge to obtain and access the right data sets for their work. FERMONT, CA: AI is gaining prominence in the media and entertainment sector. Today, the viewers are now well-informed and demand tech-driven entertainment solutions. And AI is also increasingly essential for success for data workers in the industry at large. Data Science Salon unites the brightest leaders in the media, advertising, and entertainment across the nation in data science fields. Copyright © 2021 All rights reserved, I agree We use cookies on this website to enhance your user experience. WATCH WEBINAR. Here’s how AI helps media and entertainment firms in knowledge management. Currently, algorithms affect not only what viewers see on distinct platforms, but also the content that is first created. Artificial Intelligence (AI) ... 5 Strategic Business Cases in Media & Entertainment Industry That are Being Disrupted by AI & ML. Sequence-to-sequence learning can translate not only from German to English but also from one writing style to another allowing your content to reach distinct audiences more easily. AI FOR MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT. Data science, machine learning (ML), and AI represent huge opportunities for companies who are prepared to invest in long-term viable solutions. I think that a lot of organizations in the industry are struggling to allow their data science teams to have control over the implementation of insights. To learn more about AI, ML, and DL applications in M&E, read our latest whitepaper, "Three Technology Musts for M&E". Media businesses need to deploy technology and execute strategies to collect information on a scale to be successful. WATCH WEBINAR. “Eventually, AI will be used for the creation of content and helping drive immersive virtual reality experiences.” Eyal Pfeifel, CTO and Co-founder of imperson agrees, “We see AI becoming a new form of entertainment media through VR and AR technologies offering fully immersive experiences with intelligent avatars.”, Some of these initiatives are already underway. Another application of AI in telecommunications is conversational AI platforms. Learn more about the media and entertainment talks, training and events featured at the Data + AI 2020 Europe Virtual Summit. AI, ML are Pushing Media QC and Monitoring to the Next Level. From the creative process behind the scenes, to content delivery and audience engagement, artificial intelligence (AI) is having a profound effect on the industry. These data science practitioners have been working in the field from 3 years to over a decade and bring a wealth of experience and perspectives to the conversation around AI and Machine Learning in media and entertainment. “Machine learning can help tag your image or text archive,” says Schüür, “for a better search experience. WATCH WEBINAR. “Across industries, organizations are looking to make their data work for them. NOAA developed an AI/ML strategy and a data strategy to dramatically accelerate the use of data across the agency and with other key partners, maximize openness and transparency, deliver on mission, and steward resources while protecting quality, integrity, security, privacy, and confidentiality. From the creative process behind the scenes, to content delivery and audience engagement, artificial intelligence (AI) is having a profound effect on the industry. The … By Anupama Anantharaman 18 November 2020. USA HQ. Real-life examples of AI/ML in marketing. The same is true for other media and entertainment giants. AI,ML and DL save media and entertainment billions of dollars and countless hours, while significantly increasing efficiency and profitability. Digital media is not just an additional distribution platform but has emerged as a core revenue generation engine. These modifications are also resonating in the home. Creating Digital Humans with Deep Learning and AI. Capelo is, “excited about AI that help authors create excellent content. Image courtesy of Vizrt These solutions involve the creation of models that help identify a set of users that are likely to contact a subscription and figure out what is the best time to reach out to them.”, The major challenge facing Data Scientists in Media and Entertainment mirrors the challenge facing data scientists across the board. Now that we’ve covered the basic concepts of AI and ML, let’s look at a few examples of artificial intelligence and machine learning in marketing. How AI is Transforming the Media & Entertainment Industry. Lastly, I’m a big fan of the PostgreSQL project and its amazing extension ecosystem that include cstore_fdw(from Citus Data), TimescaleDB, and PipelineDB — all really great projects.”. This white paper will cover the core AI use cases, trends, and accompanying frameworks for the media and entertainment industry. To learn more about AI, ML, and DL applications in M&E, read our latest whitepaper, Three Technology Musts for Media & Entertainment. Within media and entertainment, the bulk of the data work today is dedicated to audience understanding; who reads, listens to, and watches your media and entertainment content? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only gaining prominence in sectors like healthcare and education, but also impacting the media and entertainment industry. Says Christopher Whitely, Senior Director of Applied Analytics at Comcast, “There is a trend towards using machine learning models to deliver the most relevant content to consumers to keep them engaged, whether that is programming that they might watch or advertisements that are of interest to them.” Luis Capelo, Head of Data Products at Forbes adds,“There is a strong trend for personalization and for optimization of conversions. Using AI and machine learning, marketers can tailor the types of content they show you, be it text, photos, videos, or the perfect ratio of each. Now, leading innovations -– namely, AI and blockchain — are enabling media companies to take this a step further by delivering even more compelling content to broader audiences. About. What Data Science, Machine Learning Tools and Techniques Are Your Favorite? Media and entertainment news Sign up for Google Cloud newsletters to receive product updates, event information, special offers, and more. I also really like working with Keras and also with TensorFlow (although, I’ve heard really good things about PyTorch). The media and entertainment landscape is changing. “. When people think of tech in media, their first thoughts are likely around digital platforms that bring more content to our fingertips. There are additional challenges that may be familiar to data scientists working in other industries. We also see entertainment extend from the theatres into our day-to-day lives.”, These changes resonate in the home as well, says Whitely. Axle AI is a media management company employing AI capabilities to automatically tag media, search transcripts and identify faces in a browser-based interface. Chief Executive Sam Bogoch said the demand for ML technology comes from the need to save time and shorten media production cycles. 84% of marketing organizations are implementing or expanding AI and machine learning in 2018. It is for sure playing a major role in improving the efficiency of processes involved in the entertainment world. “It will assist human creativity and human … That is, when data science teams generate insights without associated actions. AI and ML will keep pushing innovation, communication, and interactivity to new levels in the media and entertainment arena. Live Video Analytics Build intelligent video-based applications using the AI of your choice; Media Services Encode, store, and stream video and audio at scale; Encoding Studio grade encoding at cloud scale Here are some firms today using AI in the movies that you may have not heard about. Recommender systems surface relevant content to readers, listeners, watchers. Download PDF. GET THE WHITE PAPER Report Here’s a look at some of those trends expected to transform the media and entertainment industry in 2020 and beyond: AI for Personalization and as a Service Needless to say, AI is transforming the media and entertainment space. Data science, machine learning (ML), and AI represent huge opportunities for companies who are prepared to invest in long-term viable solutions. In advance of the Data Science Salon in NYC on September 27, we asked our speakers to shed some light on how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are impacting one of America’s largest industries. At this point, personalized marketing algorithms come to rescue the big media empires. We have already made the first step in this IoT space, Bosch and GE have sensors in everything to collect data and predict… well everything. The advent of AI in media and entertainment will help automate certain production proc… The media industry is evolving at an exceptional level, and with increased usage of smartphones and digital media, a number of consumers are getting connected to a new entertainment world enabled by disruptive technologies. “Advances in the cloud such as AWS’ S3, Glue and Athena are making it easier to wrangle data quickly, and machine learning libraries like Python’s scikit learn and Spark’s MLLib are making it easier to apply advanced models to big data sets,”says Whitely. The attraction of customers’ attention is a crucial prerogative of any company, primarily when it is involved in media and entertainment business. While media has traditionally been a data-driven company, AI essentially changes both the conduct of the crowd and the creative process. Take a look, Learn more of them in this complete guide by Tryolabs, Stop Using Print to Debug in Python. Join this webinar to learn how Digital Domain uses NVIDIA technology to develop AI-based toolsets for applying deep learning to their content creation pipeline. “Machine learning has moved past the high-school sex phase (everyone talking about it, but no one doing it), to a much broader implementations across industries including media.”, The demand for data remains vast, says Friederike Schüür, Senior Data Scientist and Researcher at Fast Forward Labs. Hence, thanks to AI and ML, media and entertainment companies can predict churn rates more accurately, place advertising at the right time and in the right place, and have more appropriate, personalized offers to increase conversion. Imagine a future where computer-generated movie characters blend in seamlessly with their human counterparts. Request a demo today to learn more about how Khoros can help improve your customer service processes, building trust with customers while reducing operating costs along the way. While these industries are out in front, we are also seeing AI make inroads in other industries that stand to gain from this technology—like business services, healthcare, finance, agriculture, education, and manufacturing, to name just a few. AI FOR MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT. There are countless ways in which AI and ML gain traction in the industry, from content creation to speech recognition. Chief Executive Sam Bogoch said the demand for ML technology comes from the need to save time and shorten media production cycles. “Media & entertainment has many of the same challenges as other industries,” says Whitely, “requiring effective big data engineering, data quality and stewardship efforts, attention to data governance and data privacy, and usage of the most appropriate Machine Learning models for a given problem space.” Yu agrees, “the data engineering challenges that we encounter within the media/entertainment space are definitely relatable for any industry that deals with large scale datasets — especially for data that includes any type of user generated content.

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