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If you’ve chosen big favorites, the odds will be lower. For example; if I were to place a $20 wager on 3-teams football parlay at -110 money line odds, my parlay payout would be $119.16. The parlay can still be a winner if a game is canceled or ends in a tie . The third method for calculating parlay payouts is to look at the parlay payout chart provided by the sportsbook. If you’ve chosen a number of underdogs, your odds will go up. Betting parlays for MLB games is an attractive option since you will be working off money line odds as opposed to a point spread that is commonly used in sports such as football and basketball. You can combine different sports, point spreads and money lines. Keep in mind if … In a parlay your original stake and winnings are re-invested on the next game and all selections must be correct - one loss and your parlay loses. The Parlay Calculator indicates how much money sports bettors can win if they placed a bet on a certain number of games. The benefit of the parlay is that there are much higher payoffs than placing each individual bet separately This is close to a 2:1 proposition. A parlay pays out 13 to 5 with two teams, which means that if you bet 5 on a parlay, it pays out 13. Moneyline bets represent just one of several different wagering options, which include point spread, totals, parlays, and in-game betting. A greasy moneyline parlay is a four-to-six-leg parlay bet. Money Line Parlay Betting Odds. Moneyline Bets A moneyline wager allows the bettor to put a bet on which team or athlete will win a contest, straight up. What is a Parlay Calculator? One sports betting strategy some bettors go with is parlaying moneyline plays. Moneyline Parlays. What does a Parlay Mean? Naturally, as you increase the number of legs involved in a parlay, the chance of an incorrect prediction goes up. If you are familiar with soccer betting, think of a parlay as an accumulator because it’s basically the same thing. A parlay bet is one of the most popular forms of betting in the betting industry where punters opt to bet on a group of teams by combining them to make a single wager as compared to betting on several teams individually. The escalated source of risk in parlay betting is the fact that a bettor must be completely correct in his or her selections to get paid. Moneyline Parlay Strategy. So, with the 13:5 odds you can put two favorites of -200 odds on the money line in a parlay to see a payout close to even. Using the Louis-Leonard fight as an example, the bookmaker knows more money is going to be wagered on Louis than Leonard because Leonard's chances of winning are much greater. If you are extremely confident in two or more moneyline outcomes, combine them into your wager and cash your ticket with a higher payout if all outcomes go your way. Even one mistake causes the entire wager to be lost. Greasy moneyline parlays have become somewhat of a … This makes sense as you need to bet two teams, and both need to win to cash. The goal of a greasy moneyline parlay is to get an even-money payout, or a little better. A greasy moneyline parlay combines large moneyline favorites across a number of sports. A parlay only wins if none of the sides, totals or money lines selected is a loser. In moneyline betting, the bookie assumes most people are going to wager on the favorite and sets the line on the underdog so as to cover any potential losses on the favorite. Odds for parlay bets when using a money line are relative to the odds of each pick within the parlay. Most sportsbooks aren’t going to pay out exactly the true odds on a parlay (a little more in their favor), so this is the most accurate way to see what you will get. A parlay is a bet on two or more teams or selections.

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